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Background Information.

Slums Information Development and Resource Centers (SIDAREC) is a community communication project, operating 5 social development programs in the slums of Nairobi. It was registered in September, 1997 as a community based Non Governmental Organization under the NGO Coordination Act. The organization was founded & established in 1997 based on a communications academic research on “Demystifying journalism:- bottom-up community media strategy to enhance development at the bottom of the pyramid” (1994) by its current Executive Director who is a journalist. It is a community communications organization with an aim of identifying appropriate channels of communication in communities to enhance development agendas as well as tapping and consolidating skills and talents existing among citizens in slums and packaging them as income earners to encourage innovation and self-employment. The Organization has so far established three resource centers in three major slums in Nairobi namely Pumwani, Mukuru and Kibera.

SIDAREC Objectives:-

  • To use a holistic advocacy model that provides a platform to amplify voices of a vast majority slum residents through a community media mix including radio.
  • To establish sustainable solutions to unemployed yet skilled idle youth.
  • To establish an education scholarship fund for youth and children to restore their self-esteem and hope for the future.
  • To provide low cost quality primary and secondary Education
  • To build the Organizational capacity for quality, effective and efficient implementation of programs.
  •  To reduce poverty and dependency by boosting micro businesses of slum residents.
  • To provide Access to ICT Mashinani
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