Our Projects

SIDAREC activities are geared towards alleviating poverty among poor slum communities in a bid to restore human dignity.

Our activities are anchored under the 5 core pillars namely:-

1.Entrepreneurship and Mashinani Social enterprise (MSEP)

Saving and loaning program. This addresses livelihood needs for beneficiaries and strives to provide small loans to individual and group business.


This focuses on early Childhood learning, primary and secondary school and E-learning.  The aim is to provide access and affordable education and a nutrition program for children below 5 years.

3.Reproductive Health / Maternal and New-Born program

SIDAREC prioritizes  preventative measures for adolescent and youth endulgence in sexual activities through provision of FP services, guidance and counseling and placement of vital emergency contacts at strategic corners at the center for easier access by residents.  Pregnant mothers are linked to maternity services providers within and without the community environments. As a first Responder SIDAREC together with her Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) links emergency clients with the nearest service providers for quality care for mother and child. SIDAREC has been providing various social and health interventions aimed improving the wellbeing of slum residents.

4.Free Maternity?

Cost of service is a known barrier to accessing health care. While the government offers free maternity care services, there are other costs that hinder access to maternity care. These may include transport, referral, and opportunity cost of being hospitalized. Therfore, Financial empowerment influences decisions at household level including health care seeking as well the choices and options of care, Maternal nutrition, child care- including infant breast feeding and better weaning practices, which directly contribute to child survival and growth.

SIDAREC empowers women and their family with information and alternative sources of income earning through our Mashinani social enterprise program(MSEP) to enable them make affordable choices for their various reproductive health needs, including safe institutional deliveries.

5.ICT and Ghetto FM program

This is the technology and advocacy wing of the organization with the radio acting as a tool to amplify socio-economic issues to slum residents and is operated by community members. 99.9 Ghetto Fm is a community radio station operating in Eastern side of Capital city Nairobi.

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